Welcome to the Falls View Hose Brigade

Proudly helping children and families in Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region since 1905.

***COVID Update Sept 2021***


Open for Rentals – Vaccination Requirements


Due to the recent announcement made by the government of Ontario,

and as the Falls View Hose Brigade Hall is classified as a Meeting/Event Space:

Effective Sept 22, 2021 all renters, their guests, staff (12 years of age and older) attending the Falls View Hose Brigade Hall, must provide proof of full vaccination (2 doses) and matching government ID prior to entrance into the Hall.

*Medical exemptions must be provided.

Please remember all staff, patrons and guests must wear a face covering indoors, as per the face covering by-law. 

Face coverings are required when using an indoor washroom or anytime the guest isn’t seated or eating / drinking

Some exceptions apply, including children under the age of five, and people with medical conditions that make wearing a face covering difficult.

Stay tune here or our Facebook page for more updates.  Be safe!


Delta Bingo is Opening their Doors!

Although events this past year have been hard to come by we Hosers had the honour of working with Heater’s Heroes this fall.  Our ability to continue to operate is in part due to our partnership with Delta Bingo who continue to be a huge supporter of the Falls View Hose Brigade and many other community programs.  Starting November 3 Delta Bingo will be opening their doors for full Capacity games! So if you’re looking for an exciting night out please support Delta Bingo Charitable Bingo!

Upcoming Hose Brigade Events

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